Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop that. Stop that this instant. (Anon)

Alright, so since I've been living in residence I've really begun to notice the ridiculous things that girls do to get attention. Namely, dressing up like a hooker to go out with a guy.

Last weekend I went to the lobby to get a bottle of pop, and I saw two girls walking out of the dorm in 4 inch heels, and wearing dresses that literally stopped where the bottom of their asses started, and all I could think of is "WHY?!". The guys weren't even paying attention to them, but instead walking ahead of them to make it look like they weren't together, and I couldn't help but feel pity for these two sluts.

Really, it wasn't WHAT they were wearing that bothered me the most, it's the fact that they looked so uncomfortable wearing them - they wobbled in the heels (not drunk, but instead in the way that says "I am in pain.") and they were costly pulling the dresses down, which made them look like they were picking their asses, causing them to look increasingly unattractive.

People. Stop doing stupid things that are out of your nature so that you can laid. It won't work. People can TELL when you're out of your element, and it makes you seem awkward and unpleasant.


-Anonymous Post

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"BITCHES 'N' HOES" (Molly E.)

Leggings. They're good for some things. Namely, not looking like a skank in a short dress. However it has become apparent that a growing demographic of teenage girls have decided that they're a good idea to wear as an alternative to pants. The following is a message for them:


Ever hear of a little thing called SUBTLETY? Have some self-respect, okay? You don't need to wear skintight clothes to get attention from the opposite sex. Surely this has been said a thousand times, but if you're trying to attract a guy by unabashedly showcasing your body, you're inevitably going to end up with the wrong kind of guy, i.e. a pussy-hounding douchebag. Not to mention that there is a fairly small percentage of people who even have the figure to make leggings work for them at all, so chances are you'll be doing yourself a favour by covering up dat ass.

So please, acquire some common sense and wear leggings appropriately. Because for every person who commends you on your fashion choice, there'll be another 10 branding you as a ho.

-Molly E. 

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Welcome to the Capital.

Watch out citizens of Halifax, the new school year has rolled in, along with hordes of new students going to university for the first time, myself included, and let me tell you something, we seem to basically believe that we all already own this joint, so don't be surprised if you get some teenage-looking "adults" trying to sneak into your bars, pubs and nightclubs.

I've basically started this blog for the purpose of documenting my life in a new city (which is entirely different than living in my small town of origin) and to complain wildly about any little thing that bothers me.

I encourage you to do the exact same, if you have any desire to loudly pronounce your distaste for how things are done (or not done), how people act or just how much you hate the weather. Contact me and I'll post your story (you can remain anonymous if you like)!

Everyone needs to let off some steam once in awhile and it seems we can't do it on Facebook without getting harshly judged by all of our peers, so take the time to write out your story, maybe send a photo to go along with it, and just release all that tension, hatred, or just pure disdain you have.