Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop that. Stop that this instant. (Anon)

Alright, so since I've been living in residence I've really begun to notice the ridiculous things that girls do to get attention. Namely, dressing up like a hooker to go out with a guy.

Last weekend I went to the lobby to get a bottle of pop, and I saw two girls walking out of the dorm in 4 inch heels, and wearing dresses that literally stopped where the bottom of their asses started, and all I could think of is "WHY?!". The guys weren't even paying attention to them, but instead walking ahead of them to make it look like they weren't together, and I couldn't help but feel pity for these two sluts.

Really, it wasn't WHAT they were wearing that bothered me the most, it's the fact that they looked so uncomfortable wearing them - they wobbled in the heels (not drunk, but instead in the way that says "I am in pain.") and they were costly pulling the dresses down, which made them look like they were picking their asses, causing them to look increasingly unattractive.

People. Stop doing stupid things that are out of your nature so that you can laid. It won't work. People can TELL when you're out of your element, and it makes you seem awkward and unpleasant.


-Anonymous Post

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  1. you should definitely go postal dude!

  2. i am always out of my element when i am not on a computer :(

  3. girls think theyre only worth anything if theyre hot so they dress like sluts.

  4. well im not complaining its hot

  5. Dude I hate that girls think are standards are so fucked up that they have to act like sluts just to get our attention...

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