Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"BITCHES 'N' HOES" (Molly E.)

Leggings. They're good for some things. Namely, not looking like a skank in a short dress. However it has become apparent that a growing demographic of teenage girls have decided that they're a good idea to wear as an alternative to pants. The following is a message for them:


Ever hear of a little thing called SUBTLETY? Have some self-respect, okay? You don't need to wear skintight clothes to get attention from the opposite sex. Surely this has been said a thousand times, but if you're trying to attract a guy by unabashedly showcasing your body, you're inevitably going to end up with the wrong kind of guy, i.e. a pussy-hounding douchebag. Not to mention that there is a fairly small percentage of people who even have the figure to make leggings work for them at all, so chances are you'll be doing yourself a favour by covering up dat ass.

So please, acquire some common sense and wear leggings appropriately. Because for every person who commends you on your fashion choice, there'll be another 10 branding you as a ho.

-Molly E. 

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  1. whats the difference between "leggings" and "pants"... cause it seems to me they're the same thing...

  2. Leggings are made of a very thin cotton layer, kind of what crappy socks are made out of.

    Pants are usually more durable, and actually warm.

  3. well, i guess ya learn something new everyday... thanks for that...

  4. hahaha i agree leggings certainly are not pantaloons at all. Cover up dat ass...leave me something to work for.